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Wondering what to wear to a polo match?

So many people ask me “What should I wear to a polo match” that I decided to dedicate an entire webpage to the subject.

The top two questions I am always asked in regards to polo are first, “So do YOU play polo!???”  To which I quickly respond with a wink and a smile and say “Of course not!” I took countless private English horseback riding lessons as a youngster, had my own horse as a toddler before I could walk with my horse led around by a lead rope by my parents, and still my mom says that I was not an “accomplished” horseback rider at that…Gee thanks mom! ha! ha!   Hey!  I won a blue ribbon horseback ridding at Kickapoo Camp in Kerrville, Texas circa 1984!!!…

No, seriously, I am just simply impressed with anyone who can ride a horse well while going up to 40 MPH and trying to hit a small ball with a long stick while four opponents try to interfere with their shot!  I mean come on!  It is the oldest, fastest, most dangerous sport in the entire world and so interesting to watch on the field as well as off the field especially all the horse grooms, aka polo’s “pit crews” getting the players other horses ready for their next seven (7) minute chukker.  It is an incredible sight to see!

Being a polo fan suits me quite well because I love to witness this sort of thrilling action, the thundering of hooves speeding by me while seated safely in the sidelines, the unsurpased beauty of horse and rider continuing a historic sport right there in front of me and my friends, kicking off my wedge heels and wiggling my toes in the lush green lawn, bringing my two leashed dogs and/or friends along in a quite, peaceful country environment, enjoying my own fresh picnic, and well simply put…champagne just tastes better while watching a polo match!

So, If you are here, you are most likely asking “What should I wear to Polo?  I’ve never been and I feel a little nervous”

This is because this historical sport of princes & kings is the perfect combination of “Elite Adrenaline.”  As a result, the second most popular question people ask me about polo is:

“What do ladies and gentlemen wear to polo!?”

Texas Polo Champagne Divot Stomp
The perfect variety of different attire: A airy sundress worn by Tamara Payne, pressed linen and slacks worn by Brian Baker, a fancy hat and sundress worn by Charlotte Menke Skaggs, cute tank top and summer shorts worn by Lisa Stemaly, collared polo cut shirt with jean shorts worn by Don Stemaly, and pressed, untucked linen shirt with linen shorts worn by the Stemaly’s friend

That question is usually immediately followed with, “Polo might be too fancy (elite) for me” (…no it is not!)  After all my hometown of Dallas, Texas is one of the fashion meccas within the United States, right!?

I have good news for all.  RELAX!  This is polo in TEXAS and the United States, not England.  That is why I love the header photo for this page.  It’s not because I enjoy my sweet friends Tamara, Brian, Lisa, and Lisa’s polo player husband Don but because it shows the variety of attire in just one image.  Fun flirty sundress (Tamara) , linen shirt and pants (Brian), sundress topped with a fancy hat (yes that is me), a cool, crisp, comfortable tank top (Lisa) and collared polo (Don) or button down shirt (Don’s friend) paired with pressed shorts.

Just to the side of this I have put together a few photos of polo fans that have attended a usual weekly match, meaning not a private, formal polo event.  In the third and fifth shots are actual polo patrons and pros that were taking in a match during their free time.  Men usually wear collared shirts that are comfortable to them paired with nice jeans, shorts, or trousers.

Now, if you are hosting your own private polo event and prefer to make it “Polo Formal” then fancy hats, light colored suits and colorful ties are all game.  Now if you go to one of the most chic polo tournaments such the infamous US Polo Open hosted by the gorgeous International Polo Club located in Wellington, FL or the exciting Pacific Coast Open hosted at the historic and highly popular Santa Barbara Polo Club.

For examples of proper high goal polo attire, please see the last several photos to the left side of this note from me.  Trust me, it’s fun to get dressed up and wear a fancy hat along with the other ladies.  I found both of mine (the hot pink and the turquoise) at Nordstroms in the Dallas Galleria.

Cute, colored ladies cowboy hats are also lots of fun to wear out to polo in Texas or just about anywhere in the United States!  Aside from the beautiful look, the brim of the hat really does help block the glaring sun rays while watching a polo match on a sunny day.

Ladies even though I love high heels stilettos are simply hard to get around on out on the polo lawns.  Therefore I recommend wedge heels or flats, which ever is most comfortable for you.  Save your fancy Julia Robert’s at polo “Whuup-Whupp!!!”  Pretty Woman  hat for a private polo formal event benefiting a charitable cause or a fun corporate function.  Attire for ladies at a weekly polo match is much more relaxed and comfortable.  Airy sundresses, crisp shorts, and Texas chic jeans are always in fashion at a polo match!

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