Every horseman knows the tremendous skill required maneuvering a horse at high speed, and every golfer knows the difficulty of accurately hitting a small ball with a long club. Consider, then the 2,500 year old sport of polo: to ride a half ton of high powered horseflesh, often at speeds up to 30 mph, up and down a field larger than 9 football fields.

Imagine using a 52” whippy mallet to hit a 3 1/4” ball and drive it between the opponent’s goal posts, only 8 yards apart. All this is to be accomplished while four determined opponent’s, each with his own powerful horse and long mallet, are striving mightily to interfere by striking the ball, hooking the mallet, or pushing your horse away.




Interested? Come and give it a try, no prior riding experience or privately owned horse required.

Our local polo training pros and patrons offer instruction in polo and riding at all levels of play, thus providing easy access for those wishing to advance up the ranks for children and adults of all skill levels.

For more information about private polo lessons and polo camp for children, please contact Charlotte Skaggs Taylor at 214-918-3274.  We have talented polo pros from Argentina and some from the Willow Bend Polo and Hunt Club heritage who provide private lessons.  In most cases for only $100/per lesson, horse and equipment included.  Multi-lesson packages may be negotiable per instructor.


It is easier than you think to saddle up to partake in the Sport of Kings!



Lucchese Polo


Once you have achieved a level of comfort on the back of a horse and have basic hitting skills, it is time to advance to the coaching league. With three novice players and a professional coach per team, you will experience the thrill of the game while in a controlled learning environment. Strategy of the game, all four positions and anticipation of the play are all brought together in this learning experience.





Texas is home to some of the best summer and fall polo played in the nation. Many of the local players participate on the national circuit in West Palm Beach, FL, Saratoga, FL and Santa Barbara, CA. Games consist of patron polo players and international professional players from Argentina, Mexico and Canada. All levels of play are available in North Texas, thus making easy access for those wishing to advance up the ranks.


Interested in learning how to play polo?  It is much easier than you may think.


To get connected to the best polo trainers, please contact Charlotte Taylor:

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