• San Antonio Polo Club, Est.  1920  ~  America’s Longest Continuously Running Polo Club

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“The San Antonio Polo Club is the most impressive Texas polo club to me due to the people.  They have quality events with quality people involved.”

~ Charlotte Skaggs Taylor

P.O. Box 6341, San Antonio, Texas  7820

(210) 310-9866

The spring/summer polo season in Texas runs typically from April/May through the end of June.  Due to the heat of the summer for the safety of horse and rider, polo clubs take a break July & August.  The fall schedule resumes after Labor Day in September and continues through the end of November due to the cold weather in December.

Polo fields are naturally lit by the sun, not stadium lights.  Therefore you may notice the start times begin to vary due to daylight savings time.

Polo fields can be very slippery when wet which can make things a bit treacherous for the horse and rider that are traveling at speeds of up to 30-40 MPH on a wet grass lawn.  Therefore, in the event of rain polo matches will be canceled.