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Here you will find a hot-link to many polo clubs in Texas.  Locate the city/town closest to you from the drop down menu organized by location.  There you can find the current schedules and more details about the polo clubs in your part of the Lone Star State.


What are you doing this weekend?   Well…come on out and join us at POLO! 

If being outdoors on a beautiful green lawn, witnessing powerful horses and making new friends while sipping something cool sounds appealing to you…come to a polo match!

Fun on the lawn



Polo is the perfect sport if you are seeking the ultimate outdoor experience.  It makes for a family-friendly social gathering.  It’s a perfect way to spend your afternoon, relaxing in the breeze, wiggling your toes in the grass, watching the big game with your fun friends and family.  You know…hot dogs, apple pie and POLO!




Children LOVE seeing all the horses.  Just one polo team may possibly bring up to 24 horses for just one, six chukker polo match!




Children also enjoy running around outdoors and at polo, there is enough room for them to run around on the sidelines and after the polo match, play chase on the actual polo field.   Parents love this because after all the excitement and running around, their kids will sleep sound at night when they get back home.




Polo is played all throughout the week (Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays) all over Texas.  Anywhere you go, polo spectators are encouraged to bring their own outdoor games, bocce balls, croquet, Frisbee, horseshoes, tailgate comforts, iced down coolers, and tasty, fresh picnics.  Often it is breezy outdoors and warm in Texas so please keep that in mind as you decide what and how to pack your personal picnics.


At Halftime, depending on the club you’re attending, after the third chukker, often fans can partake in the infamous champagne divot stomp and enjoy a little “bubbly” on the polo field as you help re-smooth the lush polo lawn by “stomping divots.”  It is a really special and fun treat you can tell your friends about the next day at work!



Post-game, take the opportunity to mingle with the players and ask about the big plays that won the match.  Polo players are very passionate about the sport of princes and kings so they enjoy talking to people who enjoyed being at their polo match.

John Muse and child fan   IMG_0681

Polo fans 
Wondering, like most first-time guests, “What to Wear to Polo?”  
If you are attending a private event and your invitation suggest your attire to be “Polo Formal,” then fancy hats, airy sundresses, and wedge heals (stilettos are not practical on a grassy lawn), or pretty flats for the ladies, and pressed slacks with a dress shirt for the gentleman is appropriate.  Unless otherwise stated, dressy attire is not what people choose to wear at a typical weekly polo match.  After all this is “Texas” and not England (insert a wink and a smile here.)
Please check out our “Attire” page for more details…

The attire at polo is relaxed and comfortable.  Most men enjoy wearing collared shirts, shorts or jeans.  Ladies may enjoy the same or wearing a comfortable sundress is another great option.  Ladies, don’t risk scraping your beautiful stilettos that will quickly sink into the lawn much like cleats.  Wedged heels or flats make it easier for the ladies to get around on the grassy polo fields.  For more attire details please check out out “attire” page on this website.




At the first five private polo clubs and ranches listed above, guests can bring  your lawn chairs, cozy picnic blankets, and coolers containing all beverages and picnic snacks of your choice.


There are no concession stands at most of these polo clubs and ranches.  Therefore, guests are encouraged to bring all their tailgating comforts and picnic.  Due to the fact they are all located on private property and with the exception of the clubs with grandstands and facilities, admission is FREE.  Adult beverages are welcome for all guests over the age of 21 years old.  That being said, please consume responsibly, be respectful of the owners private property, and leave the ranch just as you found it when you arrived.

Tailgating suggestions are:

  • Lawn chairs;
  • Picnic blanket;
  • Load your own goodies in your picnic basket;
  • Ice down your ice chest with cool beverages of your choice (champagne & polo go together just like peanut butter & jelly!!!);
  • Cups, napkins, forks, spoons, etc.;
  • Bring your family (children love running around on the lawn, sidelines and looking at all the pretty horses);
  • You can even bring your leashed dog as long as they get along with long time, loyal polo patron of Willow Bend Polo & Hunt Club and the Las Colinas Polo Club, Fred Johnson of “Friends of Polo” fame’s rescue dog named “Bentley!”

Polo fields can be very slippery when wet which can make things a bit treacherous for the horse and rider that are traveling at speeds of up to 30-40 MPH on a wet grass lawn.  Therefore, in the event of rain polo matches will be canceled.

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