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Texas Polo

POLO. . .
Is right here in Texas!  The very mention of POLO evokes images of horse and rider thundering across a seamlessly endless expanse of green turf of sidelines brimming with elegant and relaxed spectators, of colorful flags whipping in the wind, and of victory celebrations culminating hotly contested battles fought with the highest standard of sportsmanship.

olo is a way of life in which tradition is revered and competition is fierce. Acknowledged as being one of the fastest games in the world, polo captivates an audience like no other sport and the game is afoot all over and is played regularly throughout the entire state of Texas!

Come join us and experience the camaraderie and the thrill of the sport of princes and kings. Whether enjoying your fresh picnic on a comfortable blanket while wiggling your toes in the lush, green lawn, seated in your lawn chair or the stands, the choice is yours.

No fancy hat required - the attire and atmosphere of polo in Texas is relaxed and comfortable. That is unless you feel like acting out the famous polo event scene from the movie Pretty Woman, then fancy hats, airy sundresses for the ladies and cool linen slacks for the gentlemen will work to achieve your very own polo formal event!  Read on to find out how you can saddle up and become an active part of the historic sport of polo.

To unite those interested in becoming a polo player find a professional instructor in their area, offer a wide assortment of participating polo venues for spectators to host their private celebrations and fundraisers at a fresh, new, and different entertainment option that is widely popular amongst gentlemen, ladies and children.

We also provide a central website for all interested spectators and fans to go to so they can find the current schedule for matches in their area. 

Texans for Polo is a public service website dedicated to raising awareness for the sport of polo all over the state of Texas.  

~ The Polo Lady, Charlotte Skaggs Taylor